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Help & FAQ

We've put together answers to some the most common questions we get. If your question isn't answered, scroll to get in touch with us.


Is AURLA free?
How do I take a good aura photo?
How often can I take an aura photo?
How do I retake a photo?
How many retakes do I get per session?
How do I save my reading?
How do I manage or cancel my subscription?
Are my photos being kept on a server somewhere?
What steps does AURLA take to protect my privacy?


What is an aura?
Does my aura change?
What do things like "Descendant" and "Coronation" mean?


How can I get more sessions?
Do you offer an unlimited subscription or a way to take more photos?
I bought a session, but the credit didn't appear?
I subscribed, but I'm not seeing my credits?
How do I manage or cancel my subscription?
How do I delete my account?


The best way to reach us about an issue with the app is through the HELP & FAQ page in the app itself as that lets us connect your message to your account.

However, should you need to reach us about something else, hit up h