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We've put together answers to some the most common questions we get. If your question isn't answered, scroll to get in touch with us.


Is AURLA free?
How do I take a good aura photo?
How often can I take an aura photo?
How many retakes do I get per session?
How do I save a photo?
Why didn't I have to enter a password to make my account?
Where do I manage my AURLA subscription?
Are my photos being kept on a server somewhere?


What is an aura?
Does my aura change?
What do things like "Descendant" and "Coronation" mean?


Most billing issues we've encountered can be solved by fully closing and then re-opening the app or refreshing your purchases. This triggers a fresh check-in with the App Store and clears anything that may have been queued.

If your issue persists, reach out through the HELP page in the app and we'll get you squared away!


The best way to reach us about an issue with the app is through the HELP page in the app itself as that lets us connect your message to your account.

However, should you need to reach us about something else, hit up h