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Website Privacy Policy

We made AURLA to create good vibes.

In that spirit, our focus has been on privacy and simplicity. We keep personal information to a minimum, and we don't retain any of your pictures or photo data on our servers. You can see AURLA's app privacy policy here. The below applies only to this website.


By using this website ("SITE" or “WEBSITE”) you accept this Privacy Policy ("AGREEMENT" or "TERMS"). Agreement applies to all users ("YOU", "USER", or "SUBSCRIBER") who access and/or use the Website ( Unless amended or modified, agreement will remain in effect while you are a user. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and its related Terms of Use, do not use the Website. The Website is owned and operated by Dismodern, Inc ("DISMODERN", "COMPANY", "WE", "OUR").

Dismodern is committed to protecting your privacy. Dismodern does not collect personally identifiable information unless it is voluntarily provided. If you voluntarily provide contact information such as an email address, Dismodern might use it to inform you of changes to AURLA or to survey use or opinion of AURLA or this Site. At your request, Dismodern will remove your contact information from its records.

Dismodern uses “cookies” to collect certain information to evaluate use of and access this Website.

While AURLA does not utilize any third-party advertising or analytics platforms, this Site may track usage information about visitors for marketing and site improvements through third-party software (including Google Analytics, the Pinterest Tag, and the Facebook Pixel). These programs do not reside on Dismodern's servers. The information collected and logged on our behalf through these services uses data such as IP addresses to determine information like duration of visit, session frequency, and the success of any marketing campaigns we run. To opt out of any of our third-party usage software, simply visit this page and follow its prompts. For more information about each service, visit their linked policies above.

Dismodern will not share personal information submitted through this Website with any other parties, except as is reasonably determined to be required by law or by governmental authority, or as necessary to provide services in accordance with the Terms. It is Dismodern’s intention to protect against improper use of personal information.